Franchise Process

It can take just ten weeks from application to you opening your Dogknows business. And, if you are planning ahead, we can work to your timings, too.  Either way, there are four essential steps and they start by you getting in touch to let us know you are interested.
Step 1:  Application & Candidate Selection - Timings – 2 weeks
Once we know you are interested we will want to have a chat with you and ask you to complete an application form. From this, we will make an initial assessment of your suitability as a Dogknows business candidate and run a preliminary location review.  
Step 2: Discover Dogknows Meeting - Timings – 2 weeks
Successful candidates are invited to a presentation on 'How to build a business and a new career with Dogknows'.  

We will tell you everything you need to know so you can decide if you want to move onto the next step.  For example:

We will share top-line information about our business model and why it works.  We’ll discuss the training and start up package as well as tell you about our on-going support and mentoring programme. And, of course, answer any questions you have. We will also want information about your timings and access to funding.
Step 3: Experience Dogknows & Contract Approval   - Timings 3-4 weeks
After step two and knowing your commitment we will supply you with a draft copy of the Dogknows Franchise Agreement (FA) and draw up a specific timing plan for you which will incorporate the remaining steps.

For your peace of mind, we recommend you take two weeks to review the FA and seek approval from a specialist solicitor.

You will also need to ensure your initial investment fee is available.
During this stage, we will invite you to spend time with one of our Dogknows Franchisees for some practical experience of the job.  This will give us a chance to see you alongside dogs and for you to spend time with a Dogknows business owner.
Step 4: Signing of FA, Franchisee Training & Start Up - Timings 3-4 weeks
Once we have met and signed the Dogknows FA (Franchise Agreement) you will receive a research document from us and you will be able to begin compiling information straight away, in readiness for your training.

The Dogknows Training Programme will be booked and can begin within 2 weeks of signature. 
The 10 days of training will include:
Five days of one-to-one coaching from our founder, Bobs Broadbent, and will include all aspects of starting up and running your business as well as training you in the dog training skills you will need for the job.

Three days will be valuable on-the-job learning, scheduled prior to starting up your business.

Two further days are tailored specially for you and can be used upto 3 months after starting up your business so we can pinpoint where you most need support.

On the day you start your training, we will begin promoting your business so when training is complete you are ready to start operating immediately.