perfect start-up package

Here is a full list of what you get for your initial investment:
  • The exclusive use of the trademarked Dogknows name and brand logo for Dog Care Services.
  • An exclusive territory to operate in.
  • Your ‘business in a box' with a complete set of digital guides to running a Dogknows dog care business. This includes business, marketing & practical dog training manuals, together with the Dogknows handbook
  • Ten days of initial comprehensive training in all aspects of the job which includes classroom based training, in-the-field learning and on-the-job experience.
  • Practical Everyday Dog Training Skills Certificate
  • Time shadowing a Dogknows business owner, seeing them in action and offering an opportunity to get to know a future, friendly colleague.
  • As much support and mentoring as you require during the start-up phase (and this continues under the business development phase).
  • Online marketing to promote your new business (e.g. google advertising).
  • Your own web pages within the Dogknows website with localized search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Starter Pack of ‘tools of the trade' (e.g. dog training equipment, first aid kit, branded i-d tags, hygiene goods & much more)
  • First year’s professional insurance for operating as a dog care business.
  • Online bookkeeping software with ready prepared invoice and purchase forms.
  • Dogknows continue to run their own online campaigns to get traffic to the main Dogknows website and your pages on it. They will pass you any leads that fall within your area.
  • Tailored advertising literature, such as business cards and postcards (500 of each) for your initial publicity campaign with vets and dog related notice boards.
  • Templates for client, team & business literature and forms.
  • Branded uniform for you and access to other branded material.
  • Digital files for advertising, marketing and business literature.
  • Attendance at Canine First Aid Course & Dog Law Course
  • Dogknows Central Help-line for dog related issues and emergencies.
  • Individual personal development advice to advance as a dog trainer, behaviourist or other.
  • Opportunities to assist at Dogknows Training School
  • Continued development to become a Dogknows Dog Training Instructor - accredited by The ABTC - Animal Behaviour and Training Council enabling additional dog-training services (based on further training and a separate agreement).
Our package and training has been compiled to give you the best start so that you can build your business faster and concentrate on caring for the dogs you are responsible for.  We will be here to help and support you so you become really proud of your Dogknows business.

You can apply today or contact us for more information or to arrange an initial phone consultation with our Founder.