Your investment and earning potential

Investing in a new business should bring with it two essential rewards:

Firstly, excitement and freedom to do a job you enjoy and get huge satisfaction from and secondly, financial stability so you can keep on doing it!

We develop a personal business plan with each of our franchisees and allow choices along the way on how big the franchise grows because it can be difficult, initially, to appreciate just how far you want to develop your business and know what is the right balance is for you.

Our systems and processes enable you to run a smooth, easyily managed businesses that gives worthy profits - after all profit is the key to running a business and to coin a phrase: 'turnover is vanity while profit is sanity'.

A Dogknows business franchise is available at £12,500*+vat and currently with the option of £7,500 as an up front payment and the remaining fee spread across year 2-5 of the franchise.

Franchisees can operate as solely run-operation or a hands-on manager operation.

Here are examples of what franchisees can expect to earn when their busienss is established.   

Solely Operated:
Annual:   £40,000 turnover with 60% profit margin
Monthly: £3,300 with £2,000 profit

Hands-on Manager Operated:
Annual:   £84,000 turnover with 45% profit
Monthly:  £7,000 turnover with £3,150 profit
Annual:   £150,000 turnover with 40% profit
Monthly: £12,500 turnover with £5,000 profit

Figures reflect owners working full time and are not a guarantee of income but are true examples of real business figures.

We can help you to train up your team and really see your company soar into a six-figure business. 

As you might expect you will need some additional startup capital. Exactly how much will depend on your personal circumstances, but you will need to cover:
  • - A suitable vehicle for the safe transportation of dogs**.
  • - A computer with Word, email and internet access.
  • - A smartphone (e.g. blackberry or iphone).

Who Are We Looking for?

We are therefore looking for ambitious dog lovers who are excited by the idea of combining their passion for dogs with the challenge of developing their own business and reaping the rewards of both.

More Information

Find out more about what you can expect for your investment.

* offers may be available.
** We have lots of experience helping dog walkers to kit out their vehicles and want start up costs to remain low but we do also have a car policy to share for anyone deciding to get a new vehicle.