UK Dog Market

According to figures published by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association*, just under a quarter (23%) of the 26 million households in the UK own a dog, putting the total dog population in the UK at around 8 million.

However, a recent study by the  Department of Clinical Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol suggests that these figures may be an underestimate with 31% of households owning dogs.   This puts the total estimated dog population at around 10.5 million**.

Getting someone else to look after your dog has been available as a service for well over a decade now.   Originally targeting busy professionals with unconventional working hours (e.g. actors, and journalists), the service has become a much more generally accepted part of owning a dog.   

Founded in 1999, Dogknows operates at the top end of this market, where owners are motivated as much by wanting to make sure their dog is well cared for and enjoys life as by the convenience for them.   

Most dog owners know that it is not acceptable to leave a dog for long periods of time on a regular basis and pet care provisions are therefore part of dog ownership now, rather than a luxury.

The pet care market has been described as 'recession resilient' because the market has continued to grow through the recent and the current economic climate, but this does not mean every business will be successful. Dog owners have become much more demanding, even putting peace of mind above cost and increasingly customers want to know that the individuals caring for their beloved pet are well-trained and capable. 

The Dogknows Franchise has a dog care business and training package that leads the marketplace and ensures our business owners surpass the expectations of our customers.

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**Number and ownership profiles of cats and dogs in the UK
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