The dogknows Story

BobsImage.jpgHi, I'm Bobs Broadbent, the founder of Dogknows.
Although its over twelve years ago, I can still remember the feeling when I handed in my notice and left full time employment. After a 14 year career in Marketing and Design it was a little daunting but it was also exciting and liberating and I now simply consider my earlier career as a very good apprenticeship for what I have gone on to do. 

When I changed careers, in 1999, I set up as a dog walker  because I wanted to totally change what I did as a job. I had grown up with animals around me, particularly horses and dogs and I decided working with dogs in a city would achieve the change I wanted. At that time there were very few dog walkers around and I didn't feel there were any giving the quality of service that I would myself expect for my beloved dog. So I had big plans from the outset and it was always my intention to run a very professional operation. I wanted to meet individual dog's needs as well as give total peace of mind to their owners.   

It became clear to me that as a dog walker I needed to have really good training knowledge as it wasn't enough to just love dogs; I needed and wanted to know about how dogs learn and behave so that I could encourage the timid and control the boisterous.  So from 2003, I began to invest in myself and develop my training skills and knowledge. This gave me the ability to really advise and help dog owners and to develop more specific services, such as our Puppy 'Play & Train' visiting service, from which we now see wonderful results.

Along the way, the market sector has grown significantly and now even considered as one of the few recession resilient industries but that doesn't mean every business survives.  We place a great deal of emphasis on developing long lasting relationships with our clients and most remain with us for well over five years, each using our services at least three times each week. We understand what it is to develop loyal clients!

I am now ready for a new challenge and I want to offer the opportunity to other people, who like me, what to change what they do and  empower individuals to work with dogs and have a successful business.

If you are interested and want to learn about the business model I have developed and how to set up your own operation the Dogknows way, please do get in touch.