Why start a dog care franchise?

At Dogknows, we take an individual approach to our franchisees and work hard to make sure we utilise, complement and unleash your skills so you feel really proud of what you accomplish.

Everyone at Dogknows has changed their careers to work with dogs so we really do understand what it takes to make that move.  So, if you want to learn about dogs and become the best in the dog care industry, Dogknows provides a pathway and not only that, you learn how to build a thriving business at the same time.

Dogknows have been in business for over 17 years – they know what they are doing. At the heart of the business is our founder, Bobs Broadbent - a UK accredited Dog Trainer, a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council, a full member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers  and holds an ADipCBM in Canine Behaviour Management.  Prior to changing her career she worked in the brand identity and marketing industry and this mix of expertise is demonstrated in the Dogknows training and support plan.  

The Dogknows culture is based on forming good relationships with all our clients - after all developing a great relationship is what good dog ownership is all about. The Dogknows business model develops long-term customer loyalty and clients stay with us for many years. Our clients often refer to "the Dogknows way" because we do things differently to other dog care businesses and pet franchises. Dogknows know their methods work and they will teach you how to replicate this in your area, too.

We promote positive dog training techniques and incorporate into all our services the 'Dogknows Everyday Training Programme' which ensures we give highly skilled dog care.  Franchisees are taught how to train dogs and about dog body language and behaviour.  Training and support are ongoing with the Dogknows Dog Care Training Academy, set up to ensure continual development and individuals can go on to offer Dogknows Training Services, should they wish to do so.

Not only is the market for dog walking and related services growing but also, clients are willing to pay more for an established name with a good reputation which is what Dogknows offers. The Dogknows brand is highly regarded and provides an immediate connection with our clients who share our values of wanting the very best for their dog.  

As a franchise owner you will benefit from our expertise to get you up and running fast and learn how to plan your daily operation efficiently so you maximise your earning potential and all with the Dogknows brand on your side.

Take your first step and submit an enquiry or request a call for an initial chat about opening a Dogknows business.